Welcome to the ERA blog

This is intended to be a replacement for my old Blogger blog. I’ll gradually port over some of my old posts, so don’t hesitate to go back in time.

Blogger is a pretty heavyweight solution for anyone who uses a blog in the fashion I do, to occasionally publish articles. Google has changed the style that I customized a couple of times now, breaking the layout, which is something to avoid repeating yet again. And then there’s ownership issues…

Therefore I thought it would be best to use a simple, flat-layout without comments or other bells. I decided to go which Jekyll, which is a Ruby-based solution that can build a nicely laid-out blog from individual Markdown formatted post. The template was the Jekyll Swiss theme which I’ve since customized.

To do syntax highlighting, I’ve installed rouge and am using the pygments stylesheet native.css

def say_hi():
    print('Hello, again!')


There are definitely some pains with Jekyll. It uses absolute references everywhere which means that you have to build it for the live site, or construct a local service in order to view your own website. Embedding images in your posts require some excessive swarm of curly braces to deal with those permanent links, but the Jekyll docs don’t mention images anywhere (I had to infer it from how they handled links). Also the site needs some work to look presentable on mobile.